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baca skrip: #_____ is a monthly series of online Malay play readings happening from May to August 2020. Putting the spotlight on the written text, the platform revisits seminal works by Singapore Malay playwrights. This series hopes to create the space to consider the resonance of the text today, appreciating the textures in the use of the Malay language while peeping into the history of contemporary Malay playwriting.

First produced in 1994, this version of Haresh Sharma’s Hope is adapted into Malay by Zulfadli Rashid. Harap is directed by Mohd Fared Jainal and features a stellar cast which includes Sani Hussin, Siti Hajar Abd Gani, Fir Rahman, Hirzi Zulkiflie and Nur Zakiah Bte Mohd Fared. Now available online as part of Esplanade's Off Stage : The Studios Online.