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About The Programme

Teater Ekamatra highly regards the youth’s voice in the current face of theatre and thus constantly aims to include them in productions through various means such as mentorship programmes, internships, FYP projects and volunteering jobs. The Playwright Mentorship Programme was set up as an extension of Teater Ekamatra’s commitment to providing young artists with a platform for growth. Teater Ekamatra’s associate artists have consistently distinguished themselves at the national level, as nominees and winners for Best Original Script at the annual Life! Theatre Awards, this makes us well poised to support the growing needs of new playwrights in Singapore. Participants are also given a venue to stage their work during the programme. Teater Ekamatra showcases their scripts in table readings and black-box productions. Our playwright mentees benefit from the technical expertise and publicity we provide.

The Mentor

Participants in the programme write and receive critical feedback from acclaimed playwright Zulfadli “Big” Rashid. Zulfadli Rashid or ‘Big’, Rashid – who is an educator, a writer, and a theatre practitioner. In his 15 years of practice, Big has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best local theatre-makers, from whom he has acquired much knowledge. Over the years, he has written and adapted numerous plays, staged at different local performance venues over the years, produced by different theatre companies and collectives. Big is currently exploring possibilities of collaboration with artists of various disciplines. More recently, Big assists his baby daughter with her cognitive development endeavors.

The Participants

Izzul is a J1 student currently studying in RI. He resides in his hermit-like home that is Raffles Players, and spends most of his days cooped up in the comfort of the darkness that is the Blackbox. His passion for writing began in his primary school years which spiralled into the short stories, plays and an abandoned novella in the past 2 years. He writes mostly social critique and dabbles in satire in the form of 'cerpen' which have been published in Berita Harian. But even till now, he seeks to find his voice in this big, big world. 


Sabrina enjoys writing, directing and pretty much anything to do in the theatre. Her recent writing credits include co-writing BI(CARA) (2016), an M1 Fringe Festival show with director-performer Sharda Harrison and Pink Gajah Theatre, and Counting (2016), developed and produced under the mentorship of playwright Joel Tan as a part of the Woodlands Playwriting Residency (2015-2016). She loves incorporating different styles into her theatre vocabulary, and hopes to create more works like Majulah, Comrats! (2015) where elements like masks and multimedia were used. In her artistry, she hopes to explore other languages of storytelling, incorporating interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary work.


Naja is a year 4 student from the School of The Arts, Singapore (SOTA). She is relatively new to playwriting though she has been an avid Instagram caption writer since 2013. Recent writing credits include a short play entitled Amir and Jamil (2015), which was produced during a school playwriting programme mentored by playwrights Faith Ng, Chong Tze Chien and Huzir Sulaiman, and Yummy Mummies (2015), written for SOTA’s 2015 Year 3 cohort’s Independent Plays. She hopes to further develop her writer voice and address issues that are dear to her through her writing.

Besides needing air, food and water for survival, Hidayat also needs Milo and Pokka Iced Lemon Tea to continue living. Hidayat prides himself for having been dubbed by his Cikgu as Lelaki Melayu Terakhir, and can accept neither having instant lontong as a substitute for ketupat on Hari Raya nor, in Malay works, the usage of English/Arabic words in place of preexistent Malay ones. Hidayat believes that the Arts and Theatre are crucial in paving the way for discourse and understanding, eventually bringing about societal change, or as his favourite phrase goes, “mencetuskan anjakan paradigma”. Hidayat also believes in God.



In 2013, Teater Ekamatra introduced Eklectic as a close-to-no-budget, experimental platform featuring and supporting local artists. The inaugural works included, 'The Day I Decided to', 'The Elephant Project' and 'Stupid Questions'. It is an extension of Teater Ekamatra's commitment to providing artists with the space and support for growth.

Most recently, it dissected the traditional Indian dance form of Bharathanatyam in Ruby Jayaseelan's, 'Flowers, Birds, & Guns.' It is an extension of Teater Ekamatra's commitment to providing artists with the space and support for growth.


About merEKA

merEKA is Teater Ekamatra’s 1 year incubation programme catered to youths, to provide training and opportunities to develop interest and skill in the 3 aspects of theatre, acting, directing and playwrighting.

Participants can look forward to learning and practicing writing, directing, physical theatre, site specific work, forum theatre and many more. The programme involves 4 showcases including a graduation showcase, where participants are given a platform to perform. Participants are also offered opportunities to be involved in our main season shows.

This programme aims to nurture young enthusiasts into committed professionals, with extensive knowledge of theatre.




Take a peek into the lives of several historical figures through this interactive tour at the Malay Heritage Centre. Be enthralled by larger than life characters as they wind through the exhibits, narrating real, historical events. Join us for the Kampong Gelam Tales: A Dramatised Tour and be captivated by pieces of Singapore’s history.


Farez Najid

Umi Kalthum Ismail

Shafiqhah Efandi

Faizal Abdullah

Dates and Times

*Show schedule for 2017 to be confirmed


Since 1999, Teater Ekamatra has been organising the Pesta Peti Putih (White Box Festival), an annual Malay theatre festival for tertiary students that attracts on average some 150 junior college, polytechnic and university students each year. These young talents are mentored by experienced Malay theatre practitioners and those with potential are invited to contribute scripts for its playwright programme, Via. The scripts are then reworked and staged as free public readings at locations such as the Library@Esplanade. Subsequently, the better scripts are further enhanced and staged as full-length productions under the Mentah (Raw) series. 

Currently, Teater Ekamatra is taking a more personal approach in education and outreach and conducts in-curriculum workshops, adjacent to MOE syllabus, and trains highly-motivated individuals as part of their co-curricular activity.

If you are interested in future programmes for your school, please contact Khairina Khalid at 81615344 or