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As we celebrate Ekamatra's 35th anniversary, we are raising $35,000 to support our vision of championing diversity on stage and beyond. Every $1 you donate will be "upsized" to $4! This multiplier effect is made possible thanks to matching donations of private donors (of up to $20,000) and the Cultural Matching Fund.

Our Actors', Script, and brand new Arts Management Development Programmes will benefit from your generous support, nurturing ethnic minority artists and managers in their professional careers in the theatre scene. We will also be introducing our latest initiative, Creating Ethnic Minority Theatre for Young Audiences, a think-tank for theatremakers committed to making meaningful and impactful theatre with an ethnic minority perspective. Your gift will also support our youth initiatives such as Call to Action, an award-winning international youth empowerment programme, now in its 4th edition!

AND, for every donation of $35 or more to AMBOI!, you will receive a super cute sampul raya (money packet! ang pao!) designed with love by us. Share your love for Ekamatra with your friends and family!

We are calling on you, our greatest champions to join us in our commitment to diversity in this new and changing world.
Will you join us in this challenge? Say AMBOI! and donate!


We believe strongly that our work contributes to the diversification of local theatre and promotes intercultural understanding. Your support will enable us to foster and nurture artists and youths of diverse backgrounds to realise their potential, produce works that inspire, and cultivate a more perceptive society through the power of theatre. 

As a theatre company, we see it as our mission to bring new perspectives to the narratives that define who we are as Singaporeans, and as citizens of the world. In sharing a different perspective, we also hope to provide an insight into communities whose stories are in the background and not often heard. 

2023 marks Teater Ekamatra's 35th year of preserving, celebrating, and fostering ethnic minority theatre through award-winning productions and successful development programmes which benefit both artists and youths. In this time, we have produced over 160 new works, ran more than 30 development programmes for youths and artists, and worked with more than 1000 artists from diverse backgrounds.